Stadium Goods offers free domestic inbound shipping on the first 5 approved consignment shipments. The free shipping method is SmartPost and/or FedEx Ground depending on items, your location and their value. That said, the shipping liability of the shipment and the items contained within these shipments falls on the seller, until they are received and accounted for at Stadium Goods.

We encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding any of the goods you’ve shipped to Stadium Goods.


If you’re shipping items within the Continental U.S., we will provide for domestic inbound shipping on your first 5 approved tickets. To be eligible for shipping coverage you must use SG’s Seller Portal, and ship your items through the portal as well. We won’t be held responsible for FedEx’s service, or other losses incurred as a result of lost packages.


If your goods are not eligible for sale, or if there is a problem with them. You will be responsible for covering the shipping cost to get your items back. While we do cover the shipping of goods to Stadium Goods, we can’t be held responsible for these costs unless there was a mistake in the costing / approval portion of your product submission. If you’re looking to get more information on getting shoes back that you sent in, please contact seller support and we’ll try to help you out as best we can to resolve the issue.


Stadium Goods does not guarantee the exchange, credit or make good for any defective merchandise. If your goods are defective, Stadium Goods is not responsible for the return shipping fees for these items. If your goods are counterfeit, they will be destroyed within 30 days of receipt. To learn more about our authentication procedures, and our policies around the submission of counterfeit goods, please refer to the authentication page within the seller portal.